The Aegis Bearer 4/4 [English]

There is nothing worse after being exhausted than having to swim in the cold open sea with heavy armor. My teeth were chattering from the cold, my whole body was shaking, my legs ached and my arm was spasming.

The Aegis Bearer 2/4 [English]

As in any fight, the youngest and most inexperienced are always the first to fall.
He could drown, either with a spearhead through his back or a blade buried in his thigh, or even be captured and sold as a slave.
In any case, his wife would no longer see him.

The Aegis Bearer 1/4 [English]

If today I am known for being the Aegis bearer (shield beared by Zeus in the war against the Titans) there must be a reason and it begins in the fall of the eighty-fifth Olympic games.
It was in the port region of Piraeus, 45 stades from the acropolis of Athens.

Meu primeiro trabalho 1/3

Liderados pelos magistrados e pelo grande herói de meu povo, Arimnestos, mais uma vez fomos honrar nossos ancestrais. Após um dia de viagem chegamos no local da batalha e encontramos os Atenienses liderados por Aristides, o justo, Címon filho de Miltíades e Temístocles, herói em Salamina um ano antes.