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“It is beautiful to die, falling among the soldiers of the first line, a brave man fighting for his country.”
Tyrtaeus of Sparta

Greetings stranger, I am Kassandra. I am from Plataea, a small polis in the region of the dangerous Bo-eotia. I am a μίσθιος(misthios),someone paid to do a job, but my job is not the same as a potter or a fisherman. Let’s say my job is a little more “dirty” than that. I am paid to solve problems and usually people are problems, if know what I mean.

I am traveller of the world, all Hellas is my home and I am always looking for some work in exchange for a few drachmas to survive. I am lucky the Moirai woven a long line for me. Also I have the protection of the gods by blessing me in my adventures.

According to those who raised me, I was born on the day of the great battle of Marathon. Sign of a brave future, one might think, except by the deaths of my mater during my birth and my pater when fighting bravely against the Persians.

I invite you to venture into my memories which I hold dear. I’ll tell you how I got my beautiful golden armor,said to have been worn by the brave Jason, who in the famous Argo sailed to Colchis in the search of the golden fleece.

I will tell you about the beautiful cities I passed through and their picturesque characters.
I will tell you how I met the great hero of my people, Arimnestos, which his beautiful stories inspire me.
Anyway, I’ll tell you lots of stories if you want to know them.

I am proud to say that I am known by my deeds all across the Hellas.
Do you doubt me?
I invite you to ask anyone about Kassandra, the Aegis bearer.

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